Demir Demicioglu

CLOUZINE Online Music Magazine and CLOUZINE International Music Awards

CLOUZINE Online Music Magazine covering numerous genres such as Electronic, World, Experimental and Independent. Published by Billboard charted team. Anything unique welcome; whatever the genre. We give chance to new/unknown artists with qualifications. Browse all issues online Email us at [email protected] for more information. We are working on the new issue. CLOUZINE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS is a new international music competition initiated by Clouzine Magazine. As for submissions we have a list of categories (New Age, World, Dance/Electronic, Instrumental, Americana/Country, Classical, Children, Pop, Rock, Latin pop/Latin Jazz and Brazilian, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic/Folk, Native American/Hawaii, Indie, Ambient, Hip Hop, Funk) plus an option for others where artists have the possibility to put their genre if not listed). In addition to the above we have a Music Video option. We try to represent and promote all your achievements on our websites, blogs and social media. We don't limit the submissions to new works only. Any of your works from any year is eligible. So keep this in mind. Decisions will be made by our BillboardⓇ charted team of Clouzine plus some European journalists (they listen to submitted material without being informed about the artist, so only the music counts). Winners get their award certificates sent to their addresses. You may check that on our Facebook sites: Winners who were not featured before, have a slot for an interview in one of coming issues of Clouzine Magazine. Maybe your work gets now the recognition that it had already deserved. Wishing all the best to our alums and all artists who submitted their awesome works.