Demian Gonzalez Premezzi


Argentinian musician born the 1st of December of 1984 in Orense, Buenos Aires. I started playing drums since I was 9 years old. I took classes with different drummers in my town until I entered in to the Provincial Music Institute of the City of Tres Arroyos. During my adolescence I’ve been part of some rock bands and also I got involved in the Argentine folk music. In 2002 I moved to the City of Buenos Aires, and I became disciple of the great Argentinean drummer Horacio “Droopy” Gianello. At the same time I started my studies at the Music Conservatory of the City of Buenos Aires, and I learned guitar, harmony and counterpoint with Fabian Maraschi. My knowledge about this instrument, my predisposition in learning new things everyday and the versatility that I got with all project in where I have worked, gave me the tools to play blues, jazz, fusion, swing, rhythm and tango. Projects that I've been part: 2003-2006 / La Samovar Blues Band: Stable member of the legendary blues bar ‘’El Samovar de Rasputín’’ in La Boca, Buenos Aires. 2005-2012 / Chicago Big Band: Stable member of the Big Band directed by Daniel Abancens Oyuela. We gave shows at the Renault Museum, Alvear Hotel, GEBA Club, Council of the City of Quilmes and also many private shows. In 2008 I’ve been part of a CD and DVD, recorded in Fort Studio 2006-2012 / San Francisco Jazz Band: Traditional jazz band stable member, with a weekly show at the “Baviera Restaurant” in Belgrano, Buenos Aires. We've created the Belgrano’s Jazz Club which had a singular success. 2006- Actual / Barbui & Le Troupe: Part of a Latin Jazz trio with many presentations in places such as “Clásica & Moderna”, “Notorious”, “La Oreja Negra” and in different provinces from Argentina. 2008- Actual / Leo Caruso & Club Mondrían: Jazz & Blues Trio. In 2013 we recorded “Colores Primarios” and we made a show at “El Teatro del Viejo Mercado” with sold out tickets. 2011- Actual / Ariel Hernandez Tango Groove: Member of the band with which the “bandoneonista” Ariel Hernandez returns to Argentina after a period playing in Spain. We gave shows in Buenos Aires, other provinces and in 2013 we played in the “International Jazz Festival of Los Andes” in Bogotá, Colombia. 2009-2013 / Amelita Baltar: Stable member of Amelita’s Baltar band and part of the project that made her return to the biggest Argentinian scenarios. We made concerts all around Argentina, Montevideo (Uruguay), and many cities in Brazil. Also we played at the “Tango International Festival”, “Clasica & Moderna”, “Notorious”, etc. In 2010 Amelita Baltar and all her band, filmed a complete chapter at the tv show “Encuentro en el Estudio”. In 2012 I played the drums in her last Album called “El Nuevo Rumbo”. In this project I had the opportunity of record with great Argentinean musicians such as Fito Paez, Pedro Aznar, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Luis Salinas, Fernando Ruiz Diaz, Leopoldo Federico, etc. One year later the album was awarded at the “Carlos Gardel Awards” where Amelita and her band played with Fernando Ruiz Diaz. 2015 I was judge at the "Wheat Provincial Festival in the city of Tres Arroyos". I am currently working with Amelita Baltar in her new Album, which is a tribute to Astor Piazzolla and Vinicius de Moraes. Also we participate at the 9th International Tango Festival in Medellin, Colombia. Since 2005 I give Drum classes with a personalized teaching system Mail: [email protected] Mobile: +5411 6575 0984 YOUTUBE