Days Of Fury


The Days Of fury was the brainchild of Giovanni Iamonte (voice) and have become reality in 2017 through the meeting with Marco Vitolo (bassist). The italian band from Turin have been influenced by punk, grunge, glam rock but have their own unique sound and idea of alternative rock. After winning the regional prize in Emergenza Festival, consisting in a single’s distribution, they have released it on Oct. 2019. The two songs, My best friend’s mother and Better get numbers and reviews through the world in the first two weeks, especially in the USA. The single is available on all the main streaming platforms and the official video of My best friend’s mother is on the official Vevo channel ‘DaysOfFuryVEVO’.


What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is the best expression of the life and of the soul. Can seems obvious, but the music is the reason to be alive and make the world a better place for the Days Of Fury. What is music for you?