Davie The North

band bio

Kings O' The North are a 4 piece multi influenced rock band hailing from North Lanarkshire, Scotland. All 4 members have led their own diverse path in music collaboration, live performance and recording over the years that have come to this point in their journey for the the love of music and creativity. Guitarist Craw Clark and bass guitarist Davie Forbes formerly of Metal troubadors Chao:Sphere team up with singer songwriter Johnny Keir and  percussion mavioso, tutor and session musician Neil Robertson. To bring you a dynamic 4 piece rock band of original new material. It's been a turbulent last year for newly named Kings O' The North. At the start of the year the current line up were a 5 piece band with a recorded 4 track EP and 13 song set list ready to go but parted ways with their second guitarist. This streamlined the band into the four piece powerhouse they have become. The guys in the midst of a new found camaraderie and relaxed rehearsal session decided to wipe the slate clean and start the process all over again. The band are now just fresh out of Carlton Studios in Glasgow with a 3 track demo full of catchy guitar riffs, dynamic drumming, silky rock bass lines with some raspy vocals on top. A straight down the middle demo. with an 'almost polished' off set list of brand new rock music and a taster of what's to come.  The band are in a good place and will be ready to bring the music to a live venue very soon!






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