David Enriquez


my grandfather plays the guitar, the creole music of my country, my father plays the box and he also sings ... my mother told me that he was a grandfather he was a Dominican maybe that's why I like salsa so much, the sensibility that gives you the experiences, the events of life is what makes me feel more and more music ... to be able to write what I saw, listen, live and also tell stories that are not mine ... that's why I love music mi abuelo tocaba la guitarra ,musica criolla de mi pais , mi padre toca el cajon y tambien canta ... mi madre me conto que su abuelo era dominicano quiza por eso me gusta tanto la salsa , la sensibilidad que te da las experiencias, los acontecimientos de la vida es lo que me hace sentir cada vez mas la musica .. poder escribir lo que vi , escuche , vivi y tambien contar historias que no son mias .. por eso me encanta la musica