David Begley

Eyereel Music

Founded in 2007 by David Begley is the engineer/songwriter/producer & has been releasing music under various names from my personnel recording studio in Surrey UK which is equipped to a high level. Mainly concentrating on song writing, mixing & mastering I have been working with the same team of musician's together amassing a portfolio of well over 120 songs & tracks in various styles (EDM, House, Chill out, Ambient Jazz, pop, Rock & Dance etc) which we are now offering for Sync or cuts. No samples are used in the production process. Most recordings have the act name Eyereel. Eyereel Allstars, are the dance act for Eyereel Music. The first released track "Slowdown" was with Duffnote Records. The package included remixes supplied by Richard Earnshaw, and K-Bana. The follow up track "Lullaby" became the second release on the Duffnote Record label. "Get it on", which features vocalist "Lucy Clarke", written by Jason Miles, Martin Bowie & David Begley with lyrics by Kerstine Bury, was signed to Strictly Rhythm in New York, launching their commercial label - Red Stick Recordings. With remixes by "Soulseekers", "Fish & Chips", & "Harlem Hustlers". This hit made number one in many Dance charts in the USA & Europe. Eyereel Allstars ft MJ White - All Out Of Time, mixes from Roland van den Toorn, Drahosh, DJ Ellroy & United Soul released on Groove Baby Records. We previously had released an album under the name - Juxta, and also a first single for Sharnie - Grade A Weekend through the label - 'Fatfox' in London.