Davis Dee


I started a band in 1987 and we sucked. I wanted to be Angus Young, the drummer wanted to be Nick Mason and the bass player wanted to be John Taylor. This was not great chemistry. We didn't get far. I had my first electric guitar at age 12 for Xmas (an awful Korean-built copy of a Gibson Sonex) and there was a book with it called 'Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar', I never really read it but the cool pic of Keith Richards on the front taught me loads. Now where is that book... Life took over. Got back into playing and recording in the mid noughties in the new digital age. Had another break until 2016 and been gradually building it back up again and here we are. No ambition to become 'successful'. Every song written is its own success story. It's all for the joy & sadness, equally. Various formats are uploaded, some are lo res and rushed production around daddy daycare, neighbours and work but I always try to capture the basic ‘essence’ of the sound I wanted. Cheers for stopping by. Wishing you happy vibes and may all your sounds be cool. X