Fifth Strike

About recording Artist Fifth Strike

So your searching for good music. Something different. Is It rock,blues, or jazz that's your favorite? Or do you just like good music no matter the genre. If that be the case then right here on this page you have found kindred spirits in the form of Jane Malona, Darrell Braden, Greg Evans, who are the founding members and along with Steve Boyd and Lois Nadal are known collectively as the band Fifth Strike. On this page is an answer to your search for good original music that doesn't follow the main stream formula but stays true to individual style. Oh and this group is equally at home navigating thru a jazz classic as it is belting out a contemporary pop, rock or funk burner. So, you never know what style your going to get. These guys just love making good music and take pride in doing it. So suit up, put on your dancing shoes, an support them on a quest to bring their music to the four corners of the globe . With that being said, Fifth Strike has released their debut single "Back In Love". It is a uptempo song featuring soulful vocals pumping rhythm and horns. It is one of several single releases over the next few months from the band. Please get out and support your local and indie music artist you are the key to them continuing to create good music and keeping it alive,