Danubio Rodriguez


Danubio Rodriguez born in 1984 in a small town in Uruguay humble says: -I always had the ability to cut, cassette recording, listen to radio and music from an early age, all I wanted was to make my own music, it seems that everything I did not imagine it could actually make music in the years '99 begin to discover family with music production applications in computers, everything seemed like a game to see what could be achieved. I was always very open listening all kinds of music from an early age, I was always a big fan of the track "Another one bites the dust" by Queen, all of which related to helicopter sound effects and synthesizers, after there followed by Jean Michel Jarre, the great soundtrack of Axel Foley etc. One day I discover a taste for dance music around '98, thanks to a radio station. In 2000, about 15 years old begin to experiment and make my music with applications based on MS-DOS, very basic programs were compared with current were and are known as Trackers (complex but today there). From then on it's been over a decade that I do make my own music. Thank you.







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