Pineapple Willows


A warm complex fragrance overflowing with sad boi vibes and summertime love. Leaking rich aromantic chocolate and amber, with a sheer truth, "it's not our world we just live in it". Hailing from Norman, Oklahoma this group consists of Dante Frame (guitar and vocals), Tyler Gray (bass and backing vocals), Pineapple Willows broke into the Oklahoma City music scene fall of 2019 formerly as Diva. They weave the way of indie rock and bedroom pop with a hint of punk attitude. Influences ranging from Hippo Campus, Oasis, MCR, Young the Giant, Pale Waves, Phil Collins, Asian Kung-fu Generation, Joyce Manor and so many more. Star Catcher Magazine Despite their newness, Diva (formerly) has found themselves filling a niche in the OKC scene. Landing reviews from Make Oklahoma Weirder and About the Noise and a series of performances pre-COVID and over the last couple of months, the band has certainly proved themselves as go-getters. Their current catalog shows their music spanning several genres, and the general ease of listening allows them to reach a myriad of music fans.