Danny Buchanan

Danny Buchanan

Danny Buchanan was born in Bethesda, Maryland in the late 1950's and being close to the Washington D.C. area offered a chance to meet some of the greatest guitar players ever. Danny Buchanan sings touching love songs on his acoustic guitar as a solo act in the area as well as studio gigs and guest appearances with his aggressive lead guitar style. Schooled by some of the best guitar players and singers in the world Danny Buchanan has a great time as he displays his talents and skills for all to see. Songwriting is also a talent high on the list of Danny Buchanan's musical joy. The song "No Dapper Dan" aired on the radio show Coast-to-Coast. The song received national air play and created quite a buzz. Always ready to play and have fun you can contact Danny Buchanan by phone at (240) 643-7298.