Damien, damien.j, started his musical journey in the late 1980’s with the first “illegal raves” to hit the small town in the South Lakes town of Ulverston. Living in a Buddhist community since the age of 5yrs, he was used to the different styles and sounds of the multicultural environment and enjoyed the changing faces of all the different people he would meet over the years. The “Rave Scene” was an explosion of sounds, tastes and people: From the Whirl y gig in London the club that began in 1981 as a collaboration with the Association of Humanistic Psychology to encourage "anyone who enjoys dance as a means of self-expression”. to the brick factory in the South Lakes and then onto the Cave Raves in Coniston, Damien.j experienced it all. The “illegal Raves” slowing down damien.j took to the clubs visiting some of the most well known of the time around the North West of England and beyond. The club scene would form the backbone to damien.j and his musical taste and style. Enjoying nights in clubs such as The Carlton, Morcambe, Zone in Blackpool, Shelley’s in Stoke-on-Trent and the Eclipse in Coventry, damien.j partied until the sun came up and beyond. Now living in Perth, Australia damien.j has a family and plies his trade whilst watching the sun set on the gorgeous Indian Ocean, with his Roland SE-02 Studio Electronics, Korg Minilogue and Roland Airia TR-8, the old school sounds start to be created again!