Dakota Boggs


I work quite a bit, but when I'm not working I'm playing something. I played just guitar for about 11 years, but I was gifted a ukulele a while back and it compelled me to get as many instruments as possible. So I'm currently learning ukulele, steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, harmonica, bass, ocarina, erhu, kalimba, melodica, jew harp, hulusi, pipa, piano/keyboard, otamatone and a blue kazoo. By no means am I great at all of these, but I have the instruments, and I have time. I have a lot of little ideas and snippets of songs but I find it difficult to actually complete a song. I mostly sing out of necessity, but I'm trying to get better at it in case I can't find someone who meshes well with what I'd like to play. I only recently began picking up recording gear, hoping to have some decent quality demos in the coming months.