Craig Cameron


Started playing piano at a young age,I was the first one in my family tree to take music seriously. This put in the driving seat to be the Black Sheep of the family, I played piano for a good ten years, before the pressure of getting good marks at school came. I stopped it completely to get start tertiary education and focus on my "future". Almost four years ago my late friend, let me borrow his guitar so I could learn to play. Maybe the guitar looked a bit too enticing and I begged him to let me borrow it, who knows. I've taught myself from scratch and now I've gotten pretty good just jamming in my room to anything from Coldplay, Sia, Macklemore pretty much any song you can find on the billboard hot 100, I can't read guitar sheet music, but rather rely on playing by ear. Hope to meet some vocalist and the rest of the band would be nice too. :):)