Collins Edeghe


Born to the family of Deacon Andrew Edeghe, Collins Efe Edeghe, steps up as the 3rd child amongst a sibling of 5. He started out in choir as a teenager and since then has not only held music to his heart, but also has been able to get lives to feel the need for sound musicianship even as gospel singers, which is why he has worked with various choir groups as both member and director. He directed the Beulah Praise choir of Assemblies of God, Oyigbo, kicc choir, Aba, Foursquare choir, Oyigbo and presently is a coordinator of the impact minstrels, Spiritbreed ministry, Oyigbo. A passionate praiser and worshipper, who is sold out to gospel music actively for 15years and still counting. He is a member of City of David/ Elshadai Choir, CASOR in the prestigious University of Benin class of "08.