Colin Ashcroft


I heard Slash in the early 90's, picked a up a guitar and never put it down again! I'm a Les Paul, straight into a Marshall bloke. Nothing else has come close for me personally! Only recently I found out I share my birth date excluding the year, with the father of electric guitar, Les Paul himself! I created it so I can connect with other like minded souls. People who want to create music, people who need to create music in order to satisfy their being for our short time on this mortal earth. I want to mix it up with other musos and who knows what comes out of it! A gun for hire, as they say! I also want to post of experiences/experience a long the way and have some interesting discussions on equipment, playing in a live creative band,creating music.... live gigs, reviews etc get the idea! I am a lead guitarist/song writer/lyricist in a Belgian based band called Wulf of Collision: I also have a new project which I play a part in, more of that to come soon! If you don't like Blues/Rock/Hard Rock/ Gibson Guitars/Marshall Amplification and guitar solos, there's the Fuc&ing door!