Dheka Satria


It all began in Malang, East Java, Indonesia when in the middle of 2016 Afif decided to gather his friends for a studio jam session. He first recruited Ikhsan as a drummer to accompany him jamming songs from bands like Peterpan and Armada, but it turned out to be a jam session of post-punk version of Peterpan. Then Afif asked Axel as bass player and Bella as second guitarist to fill the gap in the team. At first Afif tried to fill the vocal duty as well, but after realizing that his vocal was not up to the demand, he asked Dheka aka Dugong to do the singing job. After a while they started to take performing job in campus events, and finally in October 2016, the local music scene event Renjana #2 asked them to perform. Closure accepted the offer and use it to spread their early demo as well. After the Renjana performance, Closure got contacted by O' Pamela recording from Jakarta and told them that they were interested in releasing Closure's first EP. Finally, Journey EP got released by O' Pamela Recording (http://opamela-recordings.blogspot.co.id) in July 2017.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

everything. A hope