Cliff Carson


You grow up singing with your parents on trips in the car....Your Grandfather teaches you Red River Valley and you sing it with him for the family....Your kindergarden teacher finds out that you can sing and has you sing a song in front of the class.... and then you are.... the kid that sings....Pretty much how it started....MANY Years ago....eventually I got tired of being the Dancing Dog when my mother had friends over....Sing them a song i quit for years until in Jr High I got in this class at school called Choir.....I found I had a talent that was pretty cool!....Not long after a guy came up and asked me if I wanted to try singing in their band. Sure.... why not sounds fun! It has been for all the years since.... Making my own music and singing and playing others songs....The most fun you can have with your clothes on....I built a big house and now the basement is my recording studio.... Still learning that craft but WOW the sounds that you can create!! Soon I will devote almost all my time to Making /Crafting Music