Cleeve Morris


My name is Cleeve Morris (aka João Carlos Alves), a brazilian nostalgic guy influenced by all kind of 80's stuff and by names as Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Yes, A-ha, M83, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tycho, Com Truise, and others Synthwavers as me. Since 2013, I'm in Vandelay Creative Graphics project doing some digital arts. Some time later, I decided create more some retro stuff using a lot of references from the end of the 70's and entire 80's decade and in 2014, now as a synthwaver, I released my first track on Soundcloud and since then, I have created few tracks and an EP called MIND (on Bandcamp). And in October/2015, my track "Midnight Rider" was on Drive Radio's Top 10 (Week 44). Born and living in São Paulo City since 1983, I'm married and a little princess father! I'm web designer/developer, soccer fan, love read books, play games, watch tv series, drink some beer and spend time with my family and friends.