Citadin 5


Citadin 5 began as an experiment with audio and video in 2010 which ended up being stashed as a sleeping project until its main musician, Seraf Dos Santos, would be in a better position to keep doing music and create A/V art in a continuous manner. Although Citadin 5 is an intermittent project and an unstable one, the artist is in a better position to provide original content since 2018. Song remixes are credited to DJ Citadin V, a way to separate the original content from non-original ones. Citadin 5 has always been in the realm of Experimental music, touching lately to the electronic aspect of Techno and incorporating Seraf’s main influence, Metal music. Vocals has always been part of Citadin 5‘s spirit, although the main influence of Seraf’s Techno, Plastikman‘s 90’s discography, leads Citadin 5‘s main interest of making instrumental music. Making its own videos also has been an integral part of Citadin 5‘s concept, where he integrates either its own captured images or a friend’s images; where music and images interact with each other to create an unique experience for the visualizer and listener.