Christine Roberge

Rock Guitarist, Songwriter

As soon as high school is over, guitarist Christine Roberge cuts a place within the female Rock Alternative band called The Weeds. The band was renowned for their compositions such as Fly, Take it Up and Crazy. After a performance at the Molson RockFest of Montreal in 1998, this formation left its native soil for 3 Canadian tours, adding up at least 1400 shows under their belt. At the end of the tours, she left the rock formation and went back to complete a College Degree in Popular Music and also did a one year specialization in Audio Production at Drummondville College in Quebec, Canada. Later in 2005, she got involved with the band Broken Nails: Broken Nails is a hugely popular all girl cover band, known throughout Canada and the United States. Originally from Montreal, the group has graced the stage of multiple casinos from Atlantic City to Rhode Island, to New York and Detroit's world-renowned MotorCity Casino. Also not to mention performing at various events for major players such as Bombardier International. Broken Nails is comprised of seven professional and smoking hot female musicians. Their extended repertoire - mastering a range of genres, from popular upbeat rhythms to sultry R'n'B, Motown grooves to Reggae and Disco, with a pit stop for some good old school Rock. While still in Broken Nails, Christine felt it was now time for her to start and manage her own band. She created Voltz in 2013, a Rock cover band that will allow her to play live the songs that made her want to play guitar in the first place; songs such as Van Halen, Guns n’ Roses, Loverboy, Bon Jovi, Toto, Europe, Janis Joplin and so on. She participated to different guitar clinics and guitar camps such as The Guitar Workshop Plus in 2010 with Jon Finn’s Advanced Guitar Improvisation clinic with John Petrucci as a special guest. She also went to the Joe Satriani's G4 Experience in Cambria, California and in Glen Cove, NY. There, she studied with Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, The Aristocrats, Animals as Leaders, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Alex Skolnick and Mike Keneally. She have made a lot of new guitar friends and connections across the globe. Wanting to give back to others what music did for her, Christine started her own guitar teaching business in 2011 called : École de guitare spécialisée. Classes are given in a professional music studio and she teaches to all of her dedicated students. The school offers learning programs such as : Songwriting Workshop, Musical Improvisation with Backing Tracks Workshop, Music Theory Workshop, Build a Repertoire Workshop, Guitar Techniques Workshop, etc. At the end of year 2014, she got her acceptance in the Dual Bachelor of Professional Studies in Music Business & Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. This formation gave her the idea to create music of her own. After seeing Joe Satriani live on his Unstoppable Momentum tour, she decided that she would create Rock Instrumentals just like her idol. Trails to a Dream is a concept album that explores blazing guitar riffs and amazing melodies supported by layers of sound textures. Each piece on this album will portray a moment on the road to achieving my dreams. Trails to a Dream is a journey filled with hope, despair, confusion, tenacity, success that I hope will inspire others to follow dreams of their own. Christine Roberge Guitarist, Songwriter, Guitar Instructor & Music Business Entrepreneur