Chris Spruit


Chris Spruit, is a singer, songwriter and musician from Germany of blues and blues based rock music, music that has soul and feeling and strong lyrical content. Chris started out in the 80's singing with a band in Germany , doing around 150 gigs per year. After moving to England she played in various bands and toured across the UK in the early 1990's. Since moving back to Germany she has been concentrating on home recording and songwriting, She is part of Blue Attitude. Blue Attitude is the name of a songwriting collaboration project between Dave Bell and Chris Spruit. They started working together and quickly discovered they were natural songwriting partners, and have become good friends during the process. What people are saying : You two have the magic and mojo that I realy love to hear. There is a whiff of the mighty Texas in this, I like it. Love everything about this--the guitars, vocals, cool organ!!! Fantastic blues with a twist! Sometimes you are lucky and you stumble upon one good track after another; this is a exceptional female voice and the basic song is at the same level, romantic, with a fine blues-infused soloing; Our new CD Paperback is now available on all the major digital distribution sites!