Charly Beck


Always looking for nice people and collaborations. If you want (me) to do a remix or production, or if you want to provide vocals for one of my songs don't hesitate to PM me. I was born in 1977 and live in south germany near Stuttgart producing unreleaseable tracks since Mario paint. In 2010 I decided that this had to change. So my first release was a remix for Robin Hirte, a well known local DJ. My first DJ set was in an underground location called Beatkeller 61 in Stuttgart. Soon other releases and collabs followed. My most popular work was an officially licensed remix of Linkin Park's song "Burn it Down". I never took the choice between pop and underground - i don't accept to cancel opportunities to satisfy stereotypes. My tracks cover a wide range of genres but my unique sound is deep dark Techno with synth wave influences. It turned out that DJing is not my thing but i love producing music for the dance floor with analog synthesizers in a digital environment.