Cez Andrews


Cez, originally from Somerset, is a 20 year old singer songwriter now based in Edinburgh. She started singing when she was four and performed her first cover live at the age of 11, 'Somewhere Only We Know' by Keane. From here on she found she had passion for music and songwriting and continued to cover music and slowly found her own sound. Before she went to uni she performed locally and began recording her original music on her phone for her soundcloud account, as it was all she had! People began to give her feedback and encouragement and at the age of 16 she brought out a covers album 'Dancing in the Rain'. Since then she has done recording work with a number of students in both Edinburgh, Street and Southampton and is beginning to grow her music base and experiment with different sounds. All aspects of her original music are hers alone, writing both the lyrics and the music, so everything she writes is from the soul. She is telling her story and letting you be the one to decide.