MaN wiTHouT NamE


I start my piano studies, at age 12, at 17 my father gives me my first synthetizador a yamaha sk 30 and never again stop equipping me constantly evolving in my set ups, study techniques of sampling advanced and psychoacoustic mixture, programming of synthesys Fm drum machines with important technicians and teachers from buenos aires, for example: the incredible audio consultant and deceased Oscar Iudge, one of the best sound engineers in Argentina internationally recognized for his designs and audio equipment, in addition to his prizes for His works in a mixture of Mr. Daniel Ovie, the director of the culture house of the city of Avellaneda Arnaldo Dipache, piano teachers Hector Martino, and Aurelia Cuevas, which enabled me to create 8 albums, and form several groups and works As producer and post producer, my formations were: LFO 1992 Juan Manuel Becerra keyboards and choirs Carlos Coto Keyboards and first voice, Tree Factory 2000 Rafael Castillo dj and producer, Carlos Coto production and mastering, The Cut Side 2011 Fanii Catanzariti first voice and production , Mauro Limardo bass, Carlos Coto keyboards electronic drum production and mastering, looking to the future I hope to continue with Tree Factory and my new project Moksha. My work can be found in