Cameron Kennedy


Cam Kennedy is an Australian based out of Madison Wisconsin. His Music is a varied collection of live recordings and studio work reflecting an eclectic, alternative feel. Melded into his music are influences ranging from Leonard Cohen to Australian bands including Cold Chizel and the Sunnyboys. His career has included performances all over the world including Spain, Australia, Canada, Columbia, England, Scotland. The lyrical content of his music tends towards existential musings, and the inner life is often on his pallet. A multinstrumentalist, his main focus is songwriting and the acoustic guitar. Releases include the album “Live at the Chicago Club” that was filmed and recorded at the historic theater in the Wisconsin Dells, and was the music featured in the documentary film “The Lost Chord”. Many of the musicians on the recording were surprised by the experimental approach that was taken to put the band together. All rehearsals consisted of online work, and so the band had no experience playing together before the night. The quality of the music attests to the wonderful skills of improvisation and alacrity displayed by these fine people. Fingerstyle and Open tuning 12 string guitar work have been recently Cams focus…. “The Machine” is a concept album about a man experiencing himself through the eyes of an observer. A tragedy sets the story in motion. As he experiences birth, personal emergence, a time of discovery, death, existential lament and surrender, a love encounter transforms him and alters a timeline that was previously fixed. An album of songs created for youtube over the period 2012-2016 is his more quirky side and contains some vocals from his daughter, Emily Rose. Cam and Emily have been selected to be part of Project M 2017.