Dj Célio


My name is Célio Varela Fernandes and my stage name 'DJ Célio'. I was born in 1997, in São Tomé and Príncipe, and I am the son of Rionildo Fernandes and Maria Varela. I'm a DJ and music producer. I became very interested in music when I was a child, as my father had sound equipment that we used to liven up family parties. And whenever he left the house, my older brothers and I would turn on the devices without him knowing it. I stayed at home, listening to each song with great satisfaction. I often snuck out to neighborhood parties in São Tomé. In most of them, someone who was very fond of me as a DJ, Alione Carvalho, played. Whenever there was a party where he played, I would stay there near the column to better hear the beats and melodies of each song. After completing my 12th year, I traveled to Portugal to do my degree, at the polytechnic where I studied, I was part of the African Students Association in Bragança - Núcleo de Mirandela. As members of the association, we organized parties to relax some of the academic life. In one of these parties, the association had no possibility of hiring a DJ. I made myself available to animate the party that day. Fortunately my college colleagues liked it a lot. After that I decided to start my DJ career. After so much music from others, I decided to venture into my own composition projects, starting to produce my songs in 2019. Some themes have already started to bear fruit… “ Stlela ” and “ Ubaga ” are some of the examples. Click here and listen to my beats on all digital platforms.






What is music to you? What does it give you?

Para mim fazer ou ouvir musica é viajar para p seu próprio planeta

What is your music dream?

Musica me da felicidade