Brian Scott


My story begins in Truro, Nova Scotia Canada in 1978, when I found a good friend in school who introduced me to Bass Guitar. I have played in many many bands, as have all of us I am sure. Some got out of the basement, and as always, some did not. Over the years I stayed plugged into music and Bass Giutar. In 1999, while in the Canadian Air Force, I developed a tour company where I was involved in Tours from many international artists, Kiss, Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, Powder Blues, Doug and the Slugs, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, Spirit of the West, The Nylons and so so many more. During that time, I stayed plugged into the bass and developed my sound and style. I have a few cds under my belt as a studio musician, I have provided audio for Steppanwolf, GOLDIE McJohn, I was the last to tour with Iron Butterfly, LEE DORMAN and the guys of Iron Butterfly. I have sold the tour company, and moved back to Nova Scotia Canada to continue my musical journey. I am now with a group of dedicated and very capable musicians that come under the name of STATIC FM. We are approx 1.5 years old, and making large strides in getting active on the festival circuit, the theatre circuit and in the capacity of an open act for anyone who fits our genre, has a like mind for the industry and most important, who want to travel and creat music. This is me in a very tiny nutshell, as there is LOTS more to talk about, I wont bore you. Rather, if we ever meet, we have something to talk about. Love and Respect everywhere..... Brian Scott Bassist/Vocals Static FM