Brian Embree

Hello Drooble!

Figured I'd check Drooble out. Seems pretty cool so far. As for me, I lived in Iowa up until 2005 then moved to Phoenix. I'm a long time guitarist. I started playing when I was so little that I was using a toy guitar trying to play along with stuff on MTV. My parents bought me my first real guitar because of that and got me in lessons. I quit the lessons after a couple of years and started working my way into bands. I've played bass, guitar, and shared vocal duties in multiple bands over the years. I mostly just goof off now recording things as they pop in my head for fun. I'm also kicking around the idea of creating a new band that mostly exists online by members all recording their parts in various places and then mixing them all. Makes things easier when people have insane schedules. I'm a punker at heart but when I play, metal tends to happen.