Brent DeJong


I started playing guitar at the age of ten. I played mainly acoustic all through High school. I was in a small band In the Army. I started playing Clubs in my 20s. I have always loved melodic guitar players. I have always been on the more jazzy side. of rock like Steely Dan and Chicago. I really have never liked much eighties hair metal. I have always been interested in creating more progressive style music. I have been a Kansas fan ever since I heard Icarus Born on Wings of Steel in 1975 while I was still in the Army. The first Time I heard Perpetual Change By Yes I was a fan. Now days the Bands that knock my Socks off are The Neal Morse Band and Transatlantic. I don't have any desire to be in a cookie cutter cover band. I have a prog band now That has been my dream for all the years I have been playing. I am not seeking to be in a Band. I just thought I might meet some like minded people here.