Bob Ruth


Started playing around 10 years old. My sister had gotten a $28 Sears Silvertone acoustic guitar for Christmas one year, tried to learn... but just didn't really have the lasting interest! Me? I started going into her closet, getting it out, learned to tune it. Learned a couple of single note songs. I would always put it back in her closet just like it was. A couple of months after I started... she walks in my room with the box one day... tells me "I know you have been getting this out and using it....but you seem to be taking care of it. You can keep it in your room!". So, what did I do? Painted it purple and sprinkled blue glitter on it!! Some "taking care" isn't it????? Anyway, that started to roll...... I got bitten bad and have never been without a guitar since. Now..... I play old farts country and white boy blues in a band that plays a few lodges and small clubs. It is enough for now.