Blake Pierce

Gods Of A Dragon

I started GOAD (Gods Of A Dragon) about a year ago. A promotional platform for all "core" artists. I take the best parts of your music and put it over anime fight scenes. On you can see the amount of reach and views I was getting per video. It's great exposure to new audiences that have never even really heard that genre of music. However FB has turned it's platform into money and not about reaching people, thus restricting me from sharing content. I hope to reach many people and musicians with this platform. For my personal followers and access to all my new videos pleas follow and subscribe to I do all of this for fee, but without your support through following me and subscribing to me on Twitch the videos are pointless without views/viewers and the artists gains no exposure. I hope to build that channel to where all artists of the metalcore, deathcore, emo, death metal, metal, heavy metal ect. Can interact with each other and submit requests for me to make a video.