Blain Wake


A solo artist from Midwest U.S. Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and more making the journey to become more than dreams can reach. With a laptop, guitar, and his voice it's the formula to what he hopes will get him somewhere far. Starting since childhood with the passion and ambition to write music and discover himself and his place in the universe of music. The journey starting with instrumentals and piano pieces to starting over and becoming the songwriter he is today. Having released 3 albums with a fourth in the mix as you read this he works hard each day to establish what he believe will help him become more. Not for money. Not for fame. But because music is the life he's known from the beginning.







What is the message you want to send with your music?

Though some or most of my music tends to have dark tones and sorrowful lyrics I try to help people to relate. To see they aren't alone but yet also it can get better.

What frustrates you most as a musician?

The feeling and urge to quit. If something in a mix or just starting off and wanting to write something so bad to get it all out but yet something is getting the best of me and the overwhelming urge to give up starts taking over. Don't ever think of giving up. Only know when you need to collect yourself before throwing yourself in.