Black Cat Bone is the music of Scott Warren, a guitarist and songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Formed as a trio in late 2009, Black Cat Bone’s line up changes frequently, depending upon which available musicians Scott is currently working with. Black Cat Bone draws inspiration from the Lomax recordings of early 20th century sharecroppers and prisoners of the rural southern states, the electric blues of mid-century Chicago, and the D.I.Y. work ethic of one-man-bands like Seasick Steve, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, Scott H Biram, Bob Log III, and AJ Gaither Black Cat Bone utilizes bottleneck guitar, harmonica, bass, and drums to deliver a nihilistic version of the american music experience. Black Cat Bone/Scott makes music the old fashioned way, but he ain’t stuck in no damn time-warp! He sings songs about God, the Devil, and the misadventures of the lost and lonely souls in between. His music is a reflection upon his lifestyle, his work ethic, his values… it’s the type of music you play while drinkin’ on the front porch with your friends and family, having a good time, all of the beer bottles and ashtrays rattling in time to the rhythm; Raw. Simple. Honest. Formed in 2009, Black Cat Bone has played primarily in Michigan. Over the years Black Cat Bone has played shows in gritty punk bars, a famous historic theatre, a guerilla concert in the world’s largest art competition, at a festival underneath a 40 ton Calder sculpture, at a Frank Lloyd Wright house, inside a Freightliner truck, on top of a brewery’s giant vats of beer, at an anarchist collective, and even inside a bohemian gypsy wagon! Some of the more noteworthy bands Black Cat Bone has played with include Left Lane Cruiser, The Urban Pioneers, Molly Gene, Patrick Sweany, Bloodshot Bill, Lou Shields, Johnny Lowebow, Hymn For Her, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Stovepipe Stover, Mikey Classic (Goddamn Gallows), Justin Howl, and Ernie Clark & the Magnificent Bastards.