Billy Henderson

Born again atheist.

'There was one poor lion who didn't have a Christian' Ah juist get bamboozled wi’ political ongangs, They’ve aw got a justified cause; But gi’e me the writers o’ Scotia’s sangs An’ ah dinnae care whae makes its laws. Tune 'Mo Ghile Mear' Chorus. A Nation aye, a country, Naw, a sovereign state is naw for aw, The Union's back's against the wa' Noo's the day, come follow. 1. Time tae brek Westmonster's chains, time tae reinforce yir veins, England loses, Scotland gains, a legacy tae leave yir weans. 2. Three hunner years we've had tae dree, awa' divine authority, What price noo oor liberty, ach rule yirsel an' let us be. 3. We'll hae a parcel o' rogues no more, the summer o' sixty-nine encore, Embrace the cheinges at yir door, what was a buzz is noo a roar. 4. Ye've never liked us, noo's yir chance, here's a warnin' in advance, A new alliance we'll mak' wi' France, cause we're up tae here wi’ yir dominance.