Benedict Roff-Marsh

Composer & Synthesist

When I was finishing school and having to choose my career I wanted to be a Record Producer - like Alan Parsons or George Martin. Sadly there was no course back then. I talked my way into a small commercial studio making AM Radio commercials where I learned the ropes. I tried to develop relationships with bands but found that unless they got free studio time, they ignored me. So I bought a used Casio CZ-1000 synth and started learning how it worked (I had noticed that everyone in the studio was kinda afraid of the synths and drum machines). It was inevitable that I would start composing so I had something to Produce. A ghastly used Fostex X-26 Cassette 4-Track and some effect units later and I had my first EP. I have scored for a few Indi short movies and my music for "Unrepentant" won several awards in film festivals. I'd love to do more.