Becky Bishop


BECKY BISHOP “Musical Textures” Becky Bishop is a unique artist. Unlike so many songwriters and musicians, she understands the importance of incorporating the diversity of what music has to offer. Her beautiful mix of songs creates layers of emotion and musical textures. This is by design. Bishop’s songs encompass folk, blues, rock, and country with a little bit of Celtic and World music style thrown into the mix, as illustrated beautifully in her newest release Shapeshifting. The title CD Shapeshifting is derived from the mythical and folklore theme of an animal or person that changes physical form. As a true artist in her own words, she knows, one must “color outside the lines.” She moves out of the mold and enjoys and creates many musical layers. Born in Orange County, in Southern California and raised in Oregon, Becky’s father gave her a guitar at age eleven. With guitar in hand and her parents’ support, singing and song writing came to her naturally. “By thirteen, I was performing at school and local small town events.” At Brigham Young University, Becky majored in Special Education. After graduation, she was hired as a model; but with music ever beckoning, Becky relinquished modeling to focus on her song writing and performance. Early on, Billy Bremner, a well-known British musician, was her mentor, helping Becky develop her songs and performances. With his help, Bishop has become a true songwriter and performer. Becky recalls one of the most rewarding experiences with Rodney Crowell at the former world famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood: “Backstage, after the show, Crowell came up to me, complimented my performance and songs. Coming from one of my favorite songwriters, I was overwhelmed by his supportive comments.” As an adult and living in L.A., she began hanging out at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. Hooking up with many talented musicians and eventually forming her own band, she played local clubs and toured. Today, now living in Portland, Oregon, Becky is a versatile performer, singing solo with her acoustic or with the full band backing her up-whatever the gig requires. Becky Bishop wants her music and songs to reach out to a broad spectrum of people. Touring internationally is on her agenda. She doesn’t wish to be classified into one type of music, because she wants the freedom, (like any creative musician,) to grow, experiment and musically evolve. The best artists always take this position, as does Bishop. It’s been a long, hard climb. Overcoming obstacles has helped her music grow and mature. With her strong will and talent, Becky Bishop has arrived! Take the time to experience her talents. You can enjoy her songs and get additional information right here on and also at Neil Caplin Contributing writer Ijamr Magazine