Bandulu Dub

Meet Bruno.

He was born in the north of Portugal. ​Bruno was always a different child: original, irreverent, he fled from school because he already recognized that he didn't want to learn what they wanted to teach him or wanted to confine to an already outdated system of teaching or formatting. He did not want to be put into a box. Why would he want to learn something that did not tell him anything? He spent his afternoons with his grandfather, who taught him farming techniques and about lifelong difficulties, how we should be focused and work hard, appreciate what we have and how less can be more. The nights he passed with his uncle, who made him gain love for geography and astronomy and a thirst for self knowledge and nonconformity with a life of rules dictated by others. Why should not he be the one to choose? From early on, in his first organ Casio, he began to create music having this taste coming later to hatch in several bands of rock and metal that integrated like singer and producer. Energetic, jaw-dropping, disruptive and intense performances in the local village made the motto of his adolescence. Always with an aggressive attitude, a sign of revolt against a conservative capitalist society that did not allow him to be what he was and criticized him for "making music" and not following a traditional course labeling him everything he was not. Why could not he just do what he wanted? Continuing his journey sui generis he became a psychedelic trance DJ, he used a portable CD player and a playstation for the live performances, having made productions around these frequencies too. Always fleeing from a square, grey reality and trying to satisfy his vivid and demanding imagination. The detachment and magic of the environments that this music created brought peace and an alternative world where he felt good. Where censorship was not allowed and where few ventured. He felt his originality was protected here. However he quickly realized that he needed more, that these festivals and dances were not what he wanted to do, that he had many ideas inside him that did not match this environment. He was not there yet. Later, maturity, a taste for nature and pure vibration and of ancestral sonorities led him to explore traditional African music, Reggae, Dub and Jazz. And it was here that all his creativity, like a tree, takes root and a leafy canopy of albums, productions and collaborations. It was in the intercultural contacts that he did all over the world, from the USA to Australia, that his will found the way to explore and learn what he felt deserved to be learned. Mixing cultures and talents from different countries, voices from the Virgin Islands, poems from Cyprus and Mexican instruments could all coexist in a song. All done at the beginning from a room in his parents' house, with computers assembled by his hands, taking advantage of the peripherals that some acquaintances understood to be outdated and with the "junk" of others, he was able to have stability for his platforms. He used Cubase as the main daw, two speakers, a midi keyboard, an external sound card and a microphone. All this allowed him a vast and complex agility, nevertheless the artifacts were frequently damaged so it was necessary to have knowledge and a capacity to solve them quickly. ​He has different personal projects such as Bandulu Dub, Bruno De La Mola, Bruno Zacarias Lagüera, Bun Namazu, Ecozone, Exothermic Reaction and Trianguli Australis. Each one concentrates the sometimes opposing but always confluent facets of Bruno's personality. He started in masterization processes to improve some rudimentary productions that left him unsatisfied and currently mastering is one of his greatest abilities. In 2011 he created with Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose) and DJ Baby Swiss (Elmar Romain) the compilations of "Echo Chamber - Around The World In Dub" a radio program focused on Reggae Dub Roots in Minneapolis-Saint Paul in the USA. The main objective is to promote what is done best in these frequencies on long-lasting discs for free download. Subsequently, together with instrumentalist and music producer: Guidub, they created the compilations of "Waves In Amplitude" currently with two releases from Brazil and Mexico. Bruno was invited to several radio programs, initially in Portugal later in Ibiza and finally in London. He understood that radio was a great way to communicate with the public. He manages, as the publisher of many other artists who trust in him the fate of his productions. And it is with great pride that it carries this work forward. He defines Dan Dada Records as: "a powerful, independent woman who does not need anyone's approval to set her priorities and preferences. She has her wounds, like all women, for not being appreciated as she is, for not being supported by not accepting to "dress in a certain style" or "behave in a certain way." But she is strong, original and she will continue to trace its path as she has done until now. Loving the music for what it is, no artifice, no barriers, just for what it is."