Coming from Sofia, Bulgaria the rapcore/nu-metal band Badcast plays a mix of heavy dropped down distorted riffs and groovy verses into a headbanging breakdowns that make you want to jump. Their music is influenced by several styles and genres and is close to bands such as: Limp Bizkit; Deftones; Korn; Ill nino; HED P.E.; Linkin Park well as some bands from the new school like: Stick to your guns. The band has been together since October 2014. Finding each other by a post in a seach-band-forum the vocalist and bassist start the band in the mid 2014 and find the other band mates not longafter. They have changed several drummers till they started playing with their current one for almost 2 years now. The band has 2 released EP's -Down with the Roots -Haze The songs are free to listen in Youtube, Bandcamp and some other sites.