Atlas Cube


Atlas Cube - The Rift Martin Mies - Guitar Sebastian Beer - Bass Helmar Weiß - Drums, Keyboards Allright, allright, allright - we've finally finished our new release! Aptly named The Rift, our latest release outlines the ongoing development of our musical experimentation as we’re dealing with separations and changes of many types. Centerpieces of the EP are two new full tracks, building on the foundation of our previous efforts to create dynamic and diverse music within our instrumental trio framework. As a new component for us, each member added a solo piece to transition into, between, and out of the tracks, rounding out The Rift into a five-piece musical journey through our experiences as a band over the last years. Check it out and experience our tale of separation, disruptive events and blossoming of new life! Track listing: The Rift I: Preludium The Rift II: Paratone The Rift IV: Interludium The Rift V: Nimbus Nomad The Rift VI: Postludium






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Hey prog friends, we're thrilled to finally present the completion of the Rift sextet with part III: Use Tactics! Check it out on soundcloud to dive into our instrumental rendition of cracking down on the most sinister of villains through sting operations - it takes a wolf to catch a wolf! Cover artwork by Karin Geiger - with a new perspective... As always, let us know what you think in the comment sections on soundcloud or here - we're really interested in your feedback!...

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