Alan and Terry have been writing music together on and off for around 29 years, they started by simple jamming sessions, in which they soon realised they had a common interest and a passion for writing songs and making music. Over the years creating many songs such as Easy Street (lyrics written and music produced by Alan, Terry did the singing bit!). Songs like Moon Lady started life on an acoustic guitar, Terry writing about a new found relationship, a woman that helped change his life! A rough copy of the song was sent to Alan who got to work creating and producing the complete track, Terry recording and sending various vocal samples (with a few changes!!). In finding Drooble for the first time we can share the music we’ve have created, and within this the inspiration to write more. We don’t claim to be anything other than two guys who simply want to express themselves through music, and appreciate the opportunity to get our songs out there. We hope you enjoy our tracks and would appreciate any comments, likes or feedback. Many thanks Arcane






What is music to you? What does it give you?

Over the years we have written songs as a result of places we've been or based on life's issues and struggles, it's always been a way to express ourselves, to get the feelings out or lose ourselves for a while in sound. We've jammed till the early hours, created some awful sounds, but equally created some reasonable music, we claim nothing more than the enjoyment we get out of it, and to share with whoever likes to hear our songs. The covers we have done are experiments, these help us to learn and grow, we often have had years in-between writing and creating, but we always find ourselves back with it working on a new song, music is part of who we are.