ANTIMONOS invites us to travel through an esoteric tale that we take pleasure to follow step by step. Located between the dynamics of the journey and the peace of introspection, In Utera is a subtle blend of delightful paradoxes, from futuristic to mineral, and unconventional though classical sounds, cleverly knitted a set consistent and aesthetics. As if it were an impressionist painting where each touch of paint calls sacred, metallic, aquatic, and cosmic tones, the listener immerses himself inside the In Utera EP to discover a space-time that remains singular while never failing to find many places and times of resonance. This project, which was born after an intense process of trial and error, research and maturation, carries with it the promise of future creations as a continuation of this journey. In the meantime, we enjoy the time of these five tracks, whose construction is animated by the will to tell stories, what In Utera is offering us : the invitation to open a door to another temporality, another reality. These 30 minutes have the richness of a diamond cut with elegance and precision to let us see, each listening, new and unsuspected facets ... Bon voyage !