Anne Malone

Anne Malone ... music is the breath of love ...

Have been singing n playing guitar since I can remember. I wrote my first song at 7 years old. I love live gigs, and adore creating soundscapes in the studio. I write heart songs and create soundscapes for deep heart relaxation. I was first released Hang music album ‘Mothership of soundscapes’ in 2004. Signed with Inner Splendor, YogiTunes, NuNorthernSoul. Loads of music on website. Inner Splendor - Ann Malone I play at YogaCentres and host loads of lovely chilled spaces at Mind Body Spirit events. Also resident musician for Shiva Rea, Europe. Just love making music from the heart and singing that depth of feeling ... that soul Celt thing!!☘️☘️☘️☘️❤️❤️❤️?????❤️☘️