Annalisa Ventola


I'm a Columbus-based composer-performer immersed in classical piano and neo-classical pop art song. From J.S. Bach to John Cage, King Crimson to P.J. Harvey, My repertoire is pretty complex. Having studied at the Ohio State University under Dr. Donald Gren (a protégé of Nadia Boulanger) and establishing my own teaching studio at Whitney and Ventola Music Studios, I enjoy performing everywhere from the concert hall to the neighborhood bar to parlor spaces – wherever I can find a tuned and well-maintained piano. My lifelong fascination with comparative religion, metaphysics and parapsychology provide me with a wealth of compositional subject matter. I'm currently working on composing a song cycle – releasing each piece as it is produced – and not necessarily its the intended order! Early 2018 saw the launch of Zero – a series of sheet music, recordings, and fine art prints created with illustrator Kasandra Murray that encompasses the songs Zero, Two, Fifteen, and Eighteen along with a few choice covers that mark the beginning of this venture.