Angstrom Music

Angström transports you to higher dark atmospheres and brings you in a freaky dancing mood

This electronic pop / trip-hop/ Electro/ band based in Brussels, Belgium features the productions skills of Thomas Moon & the lovely voice of Gudrun Roos. After inviting jazz singer Gudrun Roos into his home studio to sing on one of dj Thomas Moon’s housemusic tracks, this duo felt a musical connection immediately. They decided to combine their 2 very different, interesting musical backgrounds and incorporate their musical skills. In their homestudio, their "laboratory", Gudrun and Thomas start to record and produce some amazing, dark, sensual tracks. Playing with hypnotic beats, dreamy vocals, psychedelic soundscapes. Using synthesizers, voice effects, electronic guitar riffs and adding elements of cool jazz, rock, trance and drum & bass. They named their project after the Swedish physicist and crater on the Moon: Ångström.