Andy Beaumont


Music has been an important hobby since my teens – singing, playing guitar, writing songs and collaborating with others in various bands. The roots of my music are in the Delta and country blues and my style has been influenced by artists and bands such as Dylan, Little Feat, Steely Dan, Elvis, Ry Cooder, J J Cale and Bonnie Raitt. Some original songs have emerged from life’s experiences and speak to emotions while others are less personal. Song-writing efforts have all been thoroughly subjected to live performances at open-mics and gigs, some to emerge the better for it and remain on the playlists, others falling by the wayside. ” Not just a talented musician and song writer but overall great entertainer!” (Voltaire Vegan Restaurant, September 2016) “The wonderfully warm blues vocals and immaculate picking of Andy Bob Beaumont – one of the highlights of my month” (James Phillips, 2019) I perform as a solo artist, as part of a three piece with my brother and his son (the Beaumont Brothers) and as lead singer in a blues-jazz-rock band (the Scapegoats). More details on website: Because my wife has for many years been stricken with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), housebound and mostly bed-bound, all profits made from my live performances and recorded material is donated to the M.E. Association to help fund biomedical research into this awful illness. For more information please visit The ME Association.






What is music to you? What does it give you?

An individual creative outlet enabling collaboration with other musicians. Opportunity to perform and entertain.