Andres Guazzelli


Andres Guazzelli Comberti (born December 20, 1984) is an Argentinian musician, vocalist, audio engineer and record producer. He earned a college degree in Audio Engineering, Music Production & Audio Post-Production for Film while continuing his studies in Music Theory, Harmony and Baroque Composing. A classically-trained musician, Andres combines heavy orchestral work with the edginess and modern textures of progressive rock and the brass-driven dramatic scores from epic films. His music contains strong influences of baroque and classical music, as well as medieval and renaissance music, within the frame of symphonic rock. Between 2011 and 2012, he was asked to temporarily replace Guille Josef as the lead vocalist of the now defunct symphonic rock band The Abaddyon Project. He spent the last months of 2011 and early 2012 working on a 35-minutes short film, 'V.II', a thriller on which he was in charge of Sound Design and Editing, ADR Recording & Mixing, worked as a Foley Artist and Engineer and composed the original score. 'V.II' ultimately became the first local independent film to be premiered on a commercial theather. To date, he has worked in over 30 films. 2013 was Guazzelli's breakthrough year: He collab'd with international prog acts Corvus Stone and Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5, lent his voice for the Android game Ninja Runner and released his debut EP 'Wish You Could Hear'. 2015 saw the release of "Overture," the first single from his upcoming album "Wotan: The Untold Story", a colossal 110-minutes long rock opera, based on the novel of the same name and featuring 70 guest artists from 25 different countries. In addition to his music career, since 2016 he works as a professor at ThinkAudio, educating the new generation of audio engineers. He's in charge on the lectures Mixing I & II, Musical Production II and Audio Post-Production for Films. On February 3rd, 2018  Andres Guazzelli released a brand new single called August (In Memory of Colin Tench) as a tribute to his late friend Colin Tench, who passed away on December. Following the decision to put "Wötan: The Untold Story" on hiatus, Guazzelli embarked on a sonic experimentation journey, expanding his compositional style away from orchestral and cinematographic and venturing deeper into a more argentine folkloric-based music. Fom this paradigm change,  "August (In Memory of Colin Tench)" (2018) and "La Balada del Viento y el Tiempo" (2019) were born. After going public about his ADHD diagnosis in his blog entry "Living With ADHD", Andres Guazzelli has announced the release of a brand new album, "Atypical" to aid him get treatment for the disorder and donate its profits to ADHD charities. The album, conceptually conceived as "A Day Inside An ADHD Brain", conveys the disorder's symptoms into musical pieces: inattentiveness, impulsiveness, hyperfocus, excessive mental and motor activity, restlessness, sensitory overload and others. The album was released on October 31st, 2020. Since his public outing and as a highly functional ADHD adult, Andres has become a local spokesperson for the disorder and its struggle, while raising understanding and comfort for ADHD parents. Once the expenses of his own ADHD treatment are covered, all album profits will be donated to different charities and organizations and who raise awareness and do research about the disorder.