Amber Seay


AMBER SEAY is the Daughter of Legendary, Grammy-nominated, & Gold record recording Artist, "The Crown Prince of Country", the late JOHNNY SEAY. AMBER is currently working on recording songs from Major Songwriters like "Ambassador of Outlaw Country" BILLIE GANT & Award winning Writer CHRIS GANTRY. AMBER is also hosting her own show, "THE AMBER SEAY SHOW" which airs on THE RODEO CHANNEL & BGNTV Networks. Her first Featured guest was the AMEROPILITAN & AWA AWARD WINNING STEVE GRIGGS, & AWA NOMINEE OLIVIA JENSEN. AMBER was recently Featured on the acclaimed RODEO TONIGHT TV with RICHARD STEPHENS & RANDY OLIVER. Amber was nominated for the prestigious 2019 AWA AWARD for "DJ of the Year" and "Pure Country Song of the Year" for her original song "ROCKABYE MY BABY" from writer KELLY HOLLAND and produced by BILLY STULL. It has been charting since its debut on BILLY BOWLES SWINGIN' COUNTRY KSSL. She has been Featured on "THE WORLD'S GREATEST INTERNATIONAL OPRY", EARSRADIO, STARPOWERRADIO 107.6 FM, PHIL KRANZ 94.7 FM "BLACK DOG MORNING SHOW", KSSL, DONEGAL BAY FM in IRELAND, HANK 92.1 FM, FLOCKSTAR RADIO, NIGHTWAVE RADIO, BLACKDOG INDIE COUNTRY RADIO, TRADITIONAL COUNTRY RADIO, KEEPING IT COUNTRY LIVE, & many others who Broadcast LOCAL & WORLDWIDE. You can find her on YOUTUBE, FB at AMBER SEAY, Instagram at AMBERSEAYMUSIC, Twitter, LinkedIn, CDbaby, JOHNNYSEAYOFFICIAL, Reverbnation, & NumberOneMusic. AMBER was named the #1 TEXAS INDIE ARTIST in 2018 and 2019. She currently holds the #5 spot for Global Indie. She has also held the #1 spot Regionally & locally on REVERBNATION for Texas. AMBER SEAY is also a DJ/Correspondent for EARSRADIO, as well as a Co-host on BLACKDOG INDIE COUNTRY RADIO's Top 20 Show on Tuesday night's & "The 2 Dorks" Show on Wednesday night's 8/7Cpm. She also co-hosted on 94.7 FM Catoosa Clubhouse Show on WAAKOOLRADIO with PHIL KRANZ and STARPOWER RADIO with Robert Rivers. Amber IS "The Interviewer of the Stars" and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the business, Backstage at the GRAND OLE OPRY with Whisperin' BILL ANDERSON, JEANNIE SEELY, DALLAS WAYNE, RICHARD LYNCH, RODNEY LAY, BILLY DON BURNS, DENNIS P. LEDBETTER JAKE PENROD, LEDDY BRAGG, TAFF SIMMONS, BILLY MATA, GARY MORRIS, BILLY PAYNE, SCOTT JOSS, SYLVIA, & WHEY JENNINGS to name a few. Her Interviews are aired on EARSRADIO1.COM with DJ Frank Anderson, STARPOWERRADIO.NET with DJ Robert Rivers & BLACKDOG INDIE COUNTRY RADIO with DJ Phil Kranz. WITH ALL of her Cover & Original releases hitting and REMAINING at the Top of the charts, AMBER has certainly proven herself to have staying power. She has many more Originals coming! Just like her Father before her, you're sure to be seeing the "CROWN PRINCESS OF COUNTRY" on that GRAND OLE' OPRY stage soon.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is my passion and my life! I began singing to Tanya Tucker and Sylvia RECORD'S since I could walk in plastic high .. It's in my blood! My best friend, my late Father, JOHNNY SEAY accomplished so much & left a legacy to be proud of! He's on list of famous cowboys with all the one's you've heard about. He's one of the last of a dying breed. Johnny Seay is also known for his Western Art, Sculptures, Cropdusting/pilot for almost 40 years, but most of all he was a true music man with a voice that makes him a hard act to follow as his Daughter! He spent his life making music, but he left Nashville after it hit him that he had hits, but no money! The "suits" had made it into Nashville by then. He was Grammy nominated for his thought provoking Gold record, "Day For Decision" that he did with Warner brothers. The words are more relevant today than in 1965. It's an important song for everyone to hear! So, remember Johnny Seay. You will become a fan! Like so many of the singer's whom Dad was great friends with, worked with , toured with, made music with, etc. Unfortunately, Dad met the same fate while Crop dusting in West, TX. in May 2016. I thought to myself, "How ironic that he should go out the same way 52 years after he was driving around in attempt to locate Jim Reeves' crash". Patsy Cline & all who were with her met the same fate. Dad lived with Patsy when he first went to Nashville, after years of performing at the "Louisiana Hayride", he did end up at the famous Grand Ole Opry. So, my music is for my Dad & to help keep his music & memory alive. I'm hoping to have a 3rd generation of Seay's making music. My children are so talented & musically inclined, it really blows my mind. Olivia Jensen-Seay has already recorded one of her GrandFather's songs called "Mary Rocks Him To Sleep". She was able to have the writer, Chris Gantry backing her on guitar. You can find it on YouTube, as well. It was nominated for an AWA AWARD. But, most of all, Singing & playing guitar is what brings me peace. Plus, Music really is a wonderful family and although I'm "grown", with both parents gone, I still occasionally feel like an Orphan. So, having this huge family of experienced musicians who do not judge others and genuinely care has been one of the biggest blessings! A car wreck in Dec. 2016, left me with a TBI I'm STILL recovering from . It won't keep me down, though! It was at that time I became more serious about the guitar, due in large part to it's calming effect. I've always been a songbird! Music heals many things! So, this is what music is to me and what it does for me. You have to have that passion!!!