Amanda Winn

From maths to melodies .....

Inspired by a perfect storm of personal and professional events in 2016, I changed direction from mathematician and academic to musician and song writer. ​ Based in North-West France but born and raised in Newcastle in the North East of England, my lyrics and music aspire to combine the grit and melancholy of a tough northern background with a plethora of influences from many years of global travel and adventure. From the Geordie folk tunes played and sung around the piano as a child, to Tennessee inspired country and blues, my lyrics and melodies aim for a range of style and mood from hauntingly ethereal to poetic storytelling, with a blue grass twang. ​ Since embarking on this new musical path my performances locally in the Mayenne and Alencon areas of France and in Brighton, UK have been pretty well received - people do seem to like my songs and my voice! Which is such a wonderful reward! I'm currently working on my first album, ‘Your Soul'.