I am part muse and all artist. Creative, wierd, and fun. i am an artist i make everything! From fashion designer to music, acting, modeling and everything in between. I sing and produce my own tracks I love making tracks out of motorcycle sounds. I am a talented lyricist and have a plethora of lyrics that are catchy and intelligent. I make video art that is very unique it makes me the first human music visulizer! There is an unusual fabric that I found and it created a very trippy acid effect and it has an impressive ability to sync with ANY music played. From Mozart to Slipknot there isn't a tune that doesn't flow! I have I am addicted to creating. My favorite thing in the world to do is take something discarded and make it into something desired again. I get a confidence high from being clever and live life looking for all the clever things to be had. I look at things upside down and inside out and puzzle together pieces that shouldn't be into beautiful asymmetry.